Medicine Restaurant
Medicine Restaurant

over-the-counter obento menu

prepared fresh daily and available 11:30am to 2:30pm each weekday at our take-out counter

bento of the day
a complete meal. includes weekly changing seasonal sushi accompanied by fresh artisan tofu, green salad and pickles

soboro bento
a perfect light lunch. artisan tofu sauteed with fresh ginger paired with seasonal veggies, green salad and 9-grain rice

medicine roll
our signature roll. avocado, umeboshi plum, kaiware carrot, shiso leaves, 9-grain rice, wasabi, soy sauce & ginger
8 pieces / 9.50
4 pieces / 5.50

cabbage roll & inari tofu
unique & refreshing sushi. napa cabbage roll with 9-grain rice, narazuke pickled melon shichimi 7-spice & avocado together with two inari tofu rice pockets, pickles & soy sauce

mountain monk salad
seasonally changing, always exciting tender baby salad greens, sprouts, fresh & dried fruits, garden vegetables, daitoku-ji natto and creamy sake-kasu dressing; add 9-grain rice for complete meal!

weekly salad special
a weekly treat from medicine's creative kitchen always a fine assortment of local salad greens vegetables and fruits with seasonally inspired dressings
weekly sushi special
sumptuous creations from our sushi station changes seasonally and weekly; call for details

seasonal green
green vegetables in the peak of season lightly blanched and served with our creamy sesame butter dressing; an excellent addition to any lunch

9-grain rice
our nutritious blend of organic black, red and white rice with quinoa, African teff, amaranth, pearled barley and millet

germinated sweet brown rice
rich in amino acids, this special rice compliments any MEDICINE obento